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The photographer Cindy Sherman is interested in the way women are portrayed in the media and explores this through self portraits. She poses as stereotypes of women from popular culture, often films, and disguises her self with heavy make up. She produced these images for Comme des Garçons in 1993/94 which are more fashion based.


These photo’s are from a fashion and textiles project calles Macro-evolutionary. I designed a vest to protect the body’s vital organs from radiation after a nuclear disaster. I was inspiered by the scales on cockroaches which are meant to survive nuclear fall out. It’s being modeled by my lovely sister.

Hisham Akira Bharoocha is a Japanese artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His collages reflect thoughts from dreams or meditation. I really like the psychedelic and dreamy look he creates by combining photography with diffrent coloured and pattened shapes.

Hannah Nagle is a seventeen year old aspiring fashion photographer. She has produced a set of photographs of her sister using glitter inspired by Gustave Klimt. I really love the kaleidoscope effect of the glitter and the mirrored images and it’s interesting to see someone so young with such a unique style. Link


French artist Frederique Daubal has created a series of photographs called Hide and Seek. The pictures show models with their faces covered with shredded magazine covers and fabric in a way that looks like Muslim niqābs. The contrast between the cut up photographs and the models underneath a statement about how much of our body language, makeup, clothes and expressions are a mask and how much of what we see is real. Link



These collages are part of a fashion collaboration project for I love You magazine with the stylist Kathi Kauder and photographer Sabrina Theissen. Theme of the project is “wrong” the mistakes we have done. For these collages Ashkan Honarvar have used Vanities symbols like the flowers to symbolise life and death. Each face is also covered with different animal eyes these can be seen as a final animal instinct that guides these persons. In these collages Ashkan Honarvar tries to find the balance between death and hope. Link



It´s time for another great female photographer. Joanna Kustra is a 26 years old Polish self taught photographer living in both Krakow and London. Her shoots are all styled to a theme such as painting which uses costume, makeup and photo manipulation to recreate the style of old paintings.