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Final piece for my inglorious beasties project. I designed the fly print for the garment and printed it using a silk screen.

I started the project by looking at the wings of flies which informed my fabric choice. I wanted to demonstrate their metallic transparent quality. My print came from a ink drawing of a fly I made by blowing the ink with a straw. I found this gave a web like appearance and showed a more inglorious side to the insect. The print is very subtle down the centre of the dress.

Close up of beaded collar:

I used glass beads which gave it a lot of weight compared to the light transparent fabric. The beading is the same design as the print.

The drawing the print is from:



These photo’s are from a fashion and textiles project calles Macro-evolutionary. I designed a vest to protect the body’s vital organs from radiation after a nuclear disaster. I was inspiered by the scales on cockroaches which are meant to survive nuclear fall out. It’s being modeled by my lovely sister.

Some bits from a day of life drawing.