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Final piece for my inglorious beasties project. I designed the fly print for the garment and printed it using a silk screen.

I started the project by looking at the wings of flies which informed my fabric choice. I wanted to demonstrate their metallic transparent quality. My print came from a ink drawing of a fly I made by blowing the ink with a straw. I found this gave a web like appearance and showed a more inglorious side to the insect. The print is very subtle down the centre of the dress.

Close up of beaded collar:

I used glass beads which gave it a lot of weight compared to the light transparent fabric. The beading is the same design as the print.

The drawing the print is from:



Hussein Chalayan is a Turkish fashion designer who graduated from Central St Martins in 1993. He uses technology in his work such as LEDs and computer systems. Although he works within fashion, he can also be considered a 3D designer because of the structure his garments have. In his spring summer show in 2007 called One Hundred and Eleven the last 6 pieces transformed, using moving parts between two historical styles. One metal dress moves from the hourglass Dior New Look from the 1950’s to a Paco Rabanne style chain mail shift dress from the 60’s. I really like the way Chalayan is able to combine old silhouettes with technology to make something completely new. I was also impressed with how subtle some of the movements are on the dresses and how they appear seamless and organic.

These photo’s are from a fashion and textiles project calles Macro-evolutionary. I designed a vest to protect the body’s vital organs from radiation after a nuclear disaster. I was inspiered by the scales on cockroaches which are meant to survive nuclear fall out. It’s being modeled by my lovely sister.

Hisham Akira Bharoocha is a Japanese artist based in Brooklyn, New York. His collages reflect thoughts from dreams or meditation. I really like the psychedelic and dreamy look he creates by combining photography with diffrent coloured and pattened shapes.

Imme Van Haak explores changing the shape of the body from what is considered normal in photography by lacing up parts of the body. In this collection of jewellery she forces the body into unnatural positions to comment in an expressive way on the current ideas of beauty. Link

These collages are part of a fashion collaboration project for I love You magazine with the stylist Kathi Kauder and photographer Sabrina Theissen. Theme of the project is “wrong” the mistakes we have done. For these collages Ashkan Honarvar have used Vanities symbols like the flowers to symbolise life and death. Each face is also covered with different animal eyes these can be seen as a final animal instinct that guides these persons. In these collages Ashkan Honarvar tries to find the balance between death and hope. Link



It´s time for another great female photographer. Joanna Kustra is a 26 years old Polish self taught photographer living in both Krakow and London. Her shoots are all styled to a theme such as painting which uses costume, makeup and photo manipulation to recreate the style of old paintings.